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In an increasing complex healthcare environment, it is becoming more apparent that physicians need to be able to access and share information in order to keep up with the requirements and demands place on them by patients and payors. Physicians need a simple solution to meet their needs. That solution is AT&T Healthcare Community Online.

AT&T Healthcare Community Online is a secure, easy-to-use web portal that connects physicians and their staff to other healthcare providers and a variety of clinical applications, communication tools, and resources with a single username and password 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location with an Internet connection.

  • HIPAA Secured Physician Communication
  • Enhanced Patient Experience
  • Improved Quality of Care
  • Save Time & Increase Office Efficiency
  • Reduce Operational Costs & Increase Revenue
  • Allows any physician to generate, accept and store information in an electronic format, allowing them the ability to access information online and share with other providers
  • Access to applications such as: e-Prescribing, patient registry, e-lab, e-fax and document manager, as well as hospitals, plans and other connected entities
  • Earn Incentive Dollars (i.e. PGIP, Medicare, etc.)

e-Prescribing is the electronic transmission of a prescription from a physician to a pharmacy and is designed to assist physicians run safer and more efficient practices by providing them more information at the point-of-care. e-Prescribing is more than affordable; it pays for itself. Saving you time and money, e-Prescribing reduces operational costs, including: prescription pads, tamper resistant paper, staff time related to refills, formulary related changes and it qualifies you for significant malpractice premium discounts. e-Prescribing also earns you additional money by qualifying you for incentive dollars and higher fee schedules. With legislation requirements quickly approaching and subsidies available now, you cannot afford not to do it.


Point-of-Care Data
Real-time access to the Rx Hub, which provides pertinent and member specific information regarding:
  • Insurance plan eligibility
  • Health plan formulary
  • Prescription history

Clinical Resources
When creating an e-prescription the system automatically alerts you to:
  • Patient allergies
  • Drug-to-drug interactions
  • Therapeutic duplications

Prescriptions are easy to fill and re-fill because the system provides the following:
  • Pre-populates the prescription with patients information
  • Identifies generic substitutions
  • Pre-populated dosage and frequency
  • Eliminate illegibility errors and reduce related pharmacist calls
  • Immediate electronic notification of renewal and refill authorizations/requests

Patient Preferences
Increase patient satisfaction by:
  • Sending prescriptions directly to their pharmacy of choice
  • Reducing their wait time, most prescriptions are ready when patient arrives
  • Saving them time and money by utilizing formulary
  • Up-to-date generic information displays generic equivalents when available

Favorites List
Create your own customized list of frequently prescribed medications and dosages. This allows you to quickly and easily prescribe these commonly used medications to your patients.

Generic Substitutions
Increase your generic use rate and earn resulting financial awards by utilizing the generic substitution button. With the click of the mouse it identifies the appropriate generic to the trade drug, saving you the hassle of remembering all of the generic choices and which ones fit under the formulary.

Additional Benefits

  • Meets tamper-resistant requirements and avoid paper and pad costs
  • Increased Fee Schedules from plans for adopting innovative technologies including Medicare
  • Substantial discounts to malpractice premiums
Ingenium offers comprehensive preventative care and chronic disease management solutions and services. Physicians can utilize these tools at the point-of-care to provide thorough, proven, efficient and evidence based patient care. The patient registry offers a clinical data repository, comprehensive reporting tools and outreach programs to assist providers in managing their patient base.


Chronic Disease Registry
Collect data regarding patient demographics, medical conditions, medications, prior care, immunizations, labs and more, which allows the user to view all of this information in a patient-specific, disease-specific or population-specific format.

Preventative Care Repository
Capture and report on all of the clinical indicators of preventative care, which can help keep your patients as healthy as possible.

Evidence Based Care
Utilize patient data to document the preventative care and chronic disease care that you and your peers have provided to your patient base.

Population Management
By utilizing a comprehensive VoIP patient outreach system, physicians will be able to provide high quality care to all of their patients by contacting patients and arranging for the care they need. This system identifies patients who are due for appointments or care and contacts them using a VoIP telephone line from your local telephone number.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools
Generate a variety of standard and user-specified reports in a variety of formats, including charts, graphs and gauges. This helps you track patients for compliance and follow-up.

Additional Benefits

  • Replaces previously utilized paper registries
  • Communicate with each patient using their specified primary language
  • Forward calls directly to your office to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment
  • Keep a record of which calls were successfully completed
  • Creates patient reminder letters automatically
  • No need to pull charts for the various health plan audits and reporting
Diagnostic information is an essential component of healthcare and its powerful data is vital in identifying and managing patient conditions. With laboratory services being a major part of your practice, AT&T Healthcare Community Online will assist you in managing your lab-related information by expanding your lab options and freeing your practice from parochial systems.

Available 24x7 online from any location with an internet connection, our lab interface is a convenient, flexible, web-based solution capable of enhancing patient care. Physicians and their staff can access, order, track and receive lab information, results and reports online. Providers are also able to integrate patient demographics and manage patients that require regular diagnostic testing.


Lab Orders
Place a lab order from anywhere you have an internet in real-time. Even if a patient is on-location at the lab, the order can be sent, received and processed immediately. This allows you to consolidate and streamline lab operations from your own equipment, eliminating the need for dedicated systems and excess hardware in your office.

Instant Online Results
Securely access and view lab results online the moment they are available. You no longer need to wait for faxed reports, phone calls or couriers.

Electronically Edit Lab Orders
Ability to edit, change or cancel lab orders online. This reduces staff time and yours placing calls to the lab.

Favorites List
Create and customize a list of your frequently ordered tests so that you can quickly order them.

Advanced Reporting
The reporting component assists physicians in tracking and trending patient lab results. Easy to follow graphs and charts allow you to quickly review and identify patient statistics, helping you make vital decisions in their care.

Demographic Integration
Patient demographics are automatically integrated into your lab orders, eliminating redundancy in data entry and reducing the risk of errors. This saves time and increases office efficiencies.

Single Sign-On Interface
Access multiple labs from one location

Additional Benefits

  • Reduce paperwork and errors
  • Prevent duplicate testing
  • Eliminate the need to re-write lost orders
Physician communication in the healthcare community is essential to improving patient care. Ingenium gives physicians the ability to collaborate with other physicians and healthcare entities by enabling them to safely and securely share patient records, labs and other related healthcare information in a HIPAA compliant and secure online environment. The Document Manager features allow providers to send, receive and electronically store any paper or electronic documentation. All of these capabilities available anywhere you have an internet connection utilizing your existing office equipment, so there is no need to purchase additional hardware or software.


Virtual Fax
Send and receive any document, either paper or electronic, to another healthcare affiliate electronically in a HIPAA secure environment via a virtual fax.
  • Incoming faxes - received in an electronic format in an email-like inbox
  • Outgoing faxes - can be scanned in from a paper document or faxed directly from your PC or desktop by utilizing a virtual fax printer, which turns your document into an electronic file, that can either be saved or faxed electronically
  • Failed faxes - you are notified of what faxes have timed out or failed to send due to a busy line or wrong number, you able to correct the information or resend with just the click of a button

Virtual Patient Charts
Build and manage folders to organize patient documents and data. The system prints bar codes that are patient specific so that you can scan documents into an electronic patient record. Any electronic or handwritten document can be securely uploaded and placed in these records.

Custom e-Forms
Create custom documents, forms and folders to assist you in managing patient records.

Referral Management
Manage your referral process electronically, eliminating the inefficient and untraceable hardcopy process.

Administrative Rights
The ability to assign security level access to every file and folder so that only the individuals who need access, have access to protected health information.

Distribution Lists
Create practice specific distribution lists for all of your professional contacts so that you can easily transmit information without the hassle of gathering fax numbers and contact names.

Audit Trail
Streamlines all of your communications by tracking messages you send and receive, leaving a fully auditable tracking of your incoming and outgoing documentation.

Additional Benefits

  • Messaging to both online and offline audiences
  • Saves time, eliminating the need to pull charts to re-fax information as all the information is stored in an electronic outbox and can be re-sent with the click of a button
  • Save money on phone line usage, paper, toner, fax machine maintenance and time
  • 24/7 access from anywhere an internet connection is available
  • Meets PCMH designation requirements
We know that any change in your office can be potentially disruptive and that technology is only great if you know how to use it. That is why Ingenium offers a comprehensive training and implementation program, seamlessly integrating A&T Healthcare Community Online into your practice. We make sure that you and your staff learn the most efficient practices and procedures. This ensures that your experience is as positive, productive and as easy as possible every step of the way.

We have used this program to integrated hundreds of practices and train thousands of staff members on a variety of IT products in the last few years. We believe training is not a "single event", but a process that does not end until you are satisfied. Our staff members are seasoned professionals in the healthcare field, constantly monitoring and enhancing the training process to be sure your experience is a positive one.

Ingenium is not your typical vendor, we are committed to your satisfaction and the success of your implementation, we do not simply go away after you have been trained, and our training and support team is here for you every step of the way.